The clockwork of a traffic jam.

Cochin in the afternoon… Dusty, hot, humid and if you are out on the streets, it’s rush-hour that never moves. It was while I was in one of those I heard the blaring of an ambulance coming from behind, getting louder as the source of that sound got closer… In a rush-hour that usually never moves. Turning around I saw movement ! Cars, bikes and to my surprise even bus drivers seems to me doing something astonishing. The vehicles rearranging themselves autonomously like a self aligning rubik’s cube as the ambulance moved through a rapidly and spontaneously forming maze.

Like a precious egg being pushed out of a bird so that life could continue. I watched the miracle unfold as the white little van made it’s way through, twisting and turning as it went past me and then slowly disappeared in to the distance, to a sea of smoke and dust ahead. The lights were still red. I had witnessed something truly satisfying.The ever so elusive magic of a rough city.



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