Run slow enough
To see what you leave behind.
Fast enough,
To care.
Close your eyes
Let your feet carry.
Close your mind
Pray it gets you somewhere
You are young,
Will be old very soon.
So leave the doors open
Let the seasons blow in.
Springtime and autumn leaves.
Leave the doors open
And your French windows too
So when you kiss as it rains
The mist of the first monsoon
Would wet your glass face
And the air would lift your hair.

Are you awake
Or are you lost in slumber
Your clear face,
Honest as shattered glass
And your nape
In a sweat against the sheets.

It’s beautiful,
to live when you are alive.
To live your age or you to mine.
Your world enormous
In your nimble arms
And I,
I a calm seeker
Simple observer
Witnessing the spectacle that is you,
Lost at see.


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