growing in reverse

Our eyes closed,flying back and forth on the sweet swing
as it rained on our red faces, we were children…
Standing flat footed,                                                                                                                                         in the stream of endless time we learnt to fish,
unhook painlessly
and weep…
for the dying fish in the grass.

Our eyebrows bled with every stone we took
We laughed out loud then we sat and cried
Our cheeks were valleys
Riddled with dried up streams
Our mouths were joy
that we spat at all our friends
The nights separated
Our days of fun
noon naps and tea times
were all we worried about.

Twisting like a child
Yet to be born, bathed
In sunshine of the womb
My memory twists,
Flipping back on itself
Recurring like a dream too sweet
Flipping back,
falling face down
I search for black holes unplugged
Scabs and scars.
For answers…
And questions unasked.

Why ?
I want angels and shooting stars
True hearts and philosopher’s stone
Listen as other people dream
Listen as I myself scream
to the sound of silence and fun.
Listen to lovers,                                                                                                                                                  
to the bleeding and the bled out…
And live like children
For children we truly are


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