the ocean coming

Night after night I keep vigil
Over the earth
Of the slowly dying man.
The dark deepens
And I walk to an empty place
To watch the withering grass
And feel,
The salty wetness of earth
As the sea slips in like a thief.

The death would come from below they say,
It would come as the beaches rising
With every wave
Growing like a revolution until
The ocean redeems the deserts.
In the silence of the breezeless night
The waft unwashed rises
Till my cold skin
stenches of fish and broken shells.

The ocean swells,
Unhindered we live our normal lives.
The ocean swells,
Like a stubborn child, it swells
Refusing to return
from an endless tide.
The ocean swells,
Sweet bread rising to heat.
In heat it swells,
The heat of our doing.
Till all things frozen is frozen no more.

The ocean would,
And wipe us all.
Wipe the heat along
Till the earth,
Cleansed by the salt of sea
Could mourn her prodigal son.


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