perishable self

We are nothing

But a tuft of hair undecayed.
A face,
Replaced everyday
for every face we meet.
We are nothing
But three meals a day
And the clink
of spoon on metal plate.
That how we keep track;
The clink on metal plate,
Wall calendars flapping in the wind
And a very horny self.
We are nothing
But someone’s memory.
Thats how we learn ourselves,
From someone’s memory.
the doors we closed,
the bugs we smacked
And the love we dint return.
We are nothing,
But a tuft of hair,
nails and teeth
And maggots feed-
The rest.
We are nothing,
But twenty fingers and a heart of glass,
Pursed lips and parted eyes.
We are nothing
But rabbits, fucking in the sun and shade,
Stardust and fake leather shoes.
We are nothing.
This is what we’ve become.


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